Wednesday 20 April 2016

According to share market gold and silver investment increased more

According to share market, highest price returns in gold and silver in 2016 till now. In this year, gold rate increased by 16.18% as well as silver rate increased by 15.61%. At the same time 30 company’s sensex decreased 1.15%.

22494.61 is the lowest Sensex point in this year on 29th February. Now it is increased but according to 4th March 2015, Sensex is still less than 14%. At 4th March 2015 Sensex was 30,024.74 points. Because of weak stock market investors get attracted to gold and other commodities. Investors always preferred safety.

Share market got affected due to ups and downs in crude oilrate and china’s economical condition. Because of this year’s budget, there is little bit improvement in stock market this cause recovery of loss.

On 31st March 2015, rate of gold was Rs.25390 per 10 gr. Now it is Rs.29500. Also silver rate is increased from Rs. 33300 to Rs. 38500.

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