Wednesday 27 April 2016

Sensex goes up 25 thousands

Monday after the stock market went up to the country's Secretary of Agriculture predicted a good monsoon rapidly. Sensex racked up 348.32 to 25022.16. Revenue of 116.20 points, Nifty reached the level of 7671.40 points. March quarter financial results are scheduled to begin Tuesday. The background was a good buy stocks in the areas of information technology investors. So began a two-day break on the debris.

Investors were pleased that the government has predicted that such would be the average rainfall this year. Furthermore, the Reserve Bank had issued guidelines for priority sector loans rules about. It is easy to be allocated loan banks. Investors should also have a good performance by companies in the field of information technology (IT) in the March quarter. So there was good demand from investors, banks and IT stocks.

So the intraday trading in nifty, gold, silver, and other commodities gets affected these ups in sensex. To get more details about movement in share market visit to technical analysis charts software of

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