Monday 25 April 2016

Stock Market goes down because profit Booking

Week's Events
In the third month in a row
material in the import-export trade gap was reduced.
Changes in interest rates from the European Central Bank does not
have any.
Low-cost wholesale market in
March, the decline was the 17th consecutive month.
The increase in crude oil
prices in Asia.
Buying from foreign financial institutions.

Indian economy acquiescent
figures, foreign financial institutions, the international market of instant
positive environment to some extent also the sale to earn the profit which the
index was approaching the close of the second week in a row, increased levels.

BSE was found in the state
gained last week.
 Three days of four-day transactions in the market index closed at
increased levelsThe Bombay Stock Exchange Sensex Index had come during the week
in the 26080 to 25634 point.
 At the end of the week it was closed 25838.14 point. Compared with the previous index closed 0.82 per cent growth in
2113, which is 9 points.
 National Stock Exchange index (Nifty) 4858 Share (0.62 per cent),
78 per cent of 99 to 30 points, was closed.
 The regional indices rose by 0.9 and 1.24 per cent respectively
Midcap and Small cap 4.

Last week there was a positive
market environment. Wholesale market prices in the country after last month or
 Despite the decline in the prices of pulses rose by some that the
other, it is special.
 17th consecutive month of decline in prices in the
wholesale marketbesides, the country's imports - exports is less variation in
 The reduction in imports and exports grow even to some extent in
the balance of this transaction is that it tends to be seen in the foundation
of the economy. This is also the work of foreign financial institutions
continued to buy Indian stock market.
 Rs 2163.87 crore in the last week have bought these entities. This is helped by the growth in the market. International stock markets remained positive environment in the
past week.
 European Central Bank announced a decision to no change in
interest rates.
 This also led to a fall in the yield gap compared to the US dollar
at the rate of the yen.This was the highest growth in Japan's Nikkei Index in
the months around the pilot vehicle.

As expected in the coming days,
and reduction in interest rates by the Reserve Bank of India has found that
increasingly shares in banks.

The next meeting of the US
Federal Reserve is also in the week.
 Parliament session starting in April and is likely to be the
future of this market is going to be making up the market turnover, thereon.
Stock Market goes down because profit Booking

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