Monday 9 May 2016

The highest increase in two years, Gold 30350 per ten grams, Silver prices also increase

The price of gold on the results of the economic suspicions in global stock markets is having registered an increase in prices for gold over the past few months. Approaching the highest level in two years, gold bullion market in New Delhi on Saturday were sold at 30350 per ten grams. Earlier, the level had reached ten grams to Rs 30.350 per gold on 10 May 2014.

Experts said due to increased world market price and demand in funcations like wedding of the domestic market, it has grown in gold prices. Gold rose by Rs 225 to Rs Delhi bullion market gold prices on Saturday were sold at the rate of 30.350 per ten gram. On Monday (May 9) due to aksayyatrtiya, this day is a large demand for gold jewelery. The day is considered auspicious to buy gold. The experts emphasized that the demand is likely to rise and the price of gold rose.

US employment figures were released for lack of growth is expected in the market meltdown was found. This has led to low interest rates on behalf of the Federal Reserve to increase the impact of the investment gold. Increased investment in gold has been reported to increase the price of gold.

Like gold, silver has reported an increase in prices. The domestic market grew by Rs 510, silver was sold at Rs 41550 kg. Silver prices also registered a growth of 0.75% in the global market. Expert said that the increase in prices was recorded growth in industrial demand for silver.

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