Wednesday 8 June 2016

Intraday trading chart software shows up trend today

Sensex gap opening 91 points at 27101 and Nifty up by 25 points to open at 8285.

Us market and Asian market cues from sluggish Indian stock market has coincided with the opening of the light speed. According to technical analysis software, the BSE 30-share Sensex index rose 91 points to 27101 and the 50-share NSE index Nifty live up by 25 points at 8285 Open

These are signs of stock market.

After declining in the US, Asian markets traded are dull.
Energy prices in the international market of crude oil stocks are trading with strongly bullish.
On Tuesday, 499 crore, FIIs have bought in cash.
DII Tuesday 46 crore in cash to buy the shares.

Rupee 1 money with minor weakness 66.78 / $ at the open

Indian rupee against the dollar in Wednesday's session of currency market marginally by 1 paisa at 66.78 with osteoporosis is open. However, on Tuesday the Indian rupee against the dollar and closed at 66.77 with a gain of 19 cents 

On Tuesday, the rupee had gained 29 paisa

On Tuesday, the Indian rupee against the dollar and closed at 66.77 with a gain of 19 cents. However, Monday's session rupee had closed at 66.96.

Weak demand, the fall in gold and silver

Tuesday due to weak external signals in the commodity market, gold live prices have declined. The second trading day of the week, gold has consistently declined. Tuesday's gold declined by Rs 10. Gold prices fell by Rs 10 per ten grams to Rs 29 030 arrived.

Silver also declined.

With gold and silver live prices are declining down trend. Delhi Bullion Market, the price of silver has fallen to Rs 50. Silver fell to Rs 50 per kg to Rs 39150.

Global markets fall

Commodity market as well as global gold prices have fallen 0.14%. In Singapore, gold prices declined by 0.14%, to Rs 1,243 per ounce since occurred. Silver also declined by 0.46%, was recorded. After a fall of 0.46%, to $ 16.36 an ounce, silver is at.

Today’s market trend for intraday charts of nse stocks show up trend so day trader can be take buying of stock.

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