Friday 10 June 2016

Stock market today’s details by intraday trading software

Sensex down 64 points at 26698, down 10 points, Nifty opened at 8193
Due to the negative signals from the US and Asian markets, the third consecutive day the stockmarket has declined. According to technicalanalysis software, the BSE 30-share Sensex index fell 64 points to 26698 and the 50-share NSE index Nifty fell 10 points to 8193 is open.

What remains today of nifty tricks
Maystok Research Head Lokesh Uppal said, if the market goes down a little bit, and then will have the chance to shop around 8180-8190. Shopping around 8180-8190 with stop loss of 8150 to formulate a strategy. However, if the market is at the upper levels of the strategy must be sold there. As per the auto buy sell signalsoftware, Nifty live chart around 8250-8270 points with 8290 Stop loss should sell.

These are signs of market
  • After declining in the US, Asian markets traded are dull.
  • Falling prices of crude oil and gas sector in the Indian stock market is likely to put pressure on.
  • FIIs net bought Rs 234 crore in cash is Thursday.
  • While CII 318 crore in cash on Thursday is sold.

8-month high on crude, petrol can be expensive by Rs 3...
Crude oillive chart upped to 52.50 dollars per barrel, which is the highest level of 8 months. From May 1 to May 31 between the Commodity Market of crude oil prices had risen about 2 dollars, the price of petrol in Delhi is Rs 3.41 to Rs 65.60 per litter added. Now in the last eight days, the price of the Indian market basket of crude oil has increased $ 2. It is believed that such a review meeting of June 15, oil companies may increase petrol price by Rs 3.
After costly crude have two choices, either to the government or the government to reduce excise duty on petrol and diesel price hike. Excise duty on petrol is currently Rs 21.48 per litter and Rs 17.33 per litter on diesel.

Rs 3.41 a month, petrol, diesel by Rs 3 litter...
Rs 3.41 per litter of petrol during the last one month has been. Similarly, diesel rates, the government has increased 3 times in the past months, which diesel by Rs 2.99 per litter is over. So, on June 15 the review of fuel prices in the commodity market is believed to be bound. PSU oil companies Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum on 1st and 15th of every month to review the prices. This review of the global crude oil prices and the foreign exchange rate is influenced by.

Increased demand for gold and silver bullish, silver 41,000
In commodity market Gold and silver prices continue to trend up. Jewellers’ and retail customers are constant demand found support gold prices. The sustained demand from industrial units while silver prices are seeing.
Gold upped by Rs 95 in Delhi spot market, the 99.9-carat gold 29485 per ten grams, 99.5-carat gold 29335 per ten grams upped. Meanwhile, silver live prices registered an increase of Rs 605. Silver rose to 40 725 per kg. In early trade, spot gold in the global market reached its highest level since May 18. Gold live touched a 1266 ounce.

Rupee 9 paise with weakness, open at 66.80
In last week's intraday trading session, the dollar's weakness against the Indian Rupee 9 paise to 66.80 open. Whereas, in Thursday's trading session, the Indian rupee against the dollar, a fall of 7 paisa, had closed at 66.71 levels.

On Thursday, the rupee fell by 7 paisa.
Thursday's trading session of currency market, the Indian rupee against the dollar fall of 7 paisa, closed at 66.71 levels. However, Wednesday's trading session rupee had closed at 66.64.

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