Thursday 7 July 2016

According intraday trading software to easylivetrade news Nifty up 12 points to open at 8350 and rupee down by 8 paisa.

Sensex up 91 points at 27292 and Nifty up 12 points to open at 8350.

US and Asian markets are met despite negative signals with light speed is the opening of the Indian share market. Watching technical analysis chart the Sensex index upped 91 points to 27292 and the Nifty chart upped by 12 points to 8350 is open.

Rupee down by 8 Paisa to open at 67.47 / $ level.

In the currency market last intradaytrading session of the week, the rupee weakened by 8 paisa is open at the level of $67.47. Thursday's session with gains 6 paisa against the dollar, the Indian rupee had closed at $67.39 levels.

Can go up to 35000 gold prices increase and know why?

As per technical analysis software the Brexit the global and domestic commodity markets have continued to high trend in gold. Gold chart has reached a height of 2 years. Given global uncertainties in foreign brokerages target price of gold has increased. Due to the international commodity market in the Indian market will have an impact. Experts Rs 35 per 10 grams by Diwali gold prices to levels guessing.

What caused the rise in gold?
1.       Buying other safe-haven camp imposed on large banks:-According to the World Gold Council and other central banks, the Bank of England in the second safe haven is restricted. Because gold live chart is likely to continue further and faster. According to the banks, the dollar and the yen safe haven buying of gold has been considered. However, banks have put a cap on the dollar and the yen. This is likely to see gold prices
2.       Fluctuations in currency markets:-After Brexit rupee is being recorded. Bexit verdict came 31 years after the biggest decline in the pound. Rs other than the currency market are too volatile. Gold live market could continue to benefit from it.
3.       Will benefit from the relaxation of monetary policy:-European Union and Britain's central bank to raise its economic stimulus packages and monetary policy will relax. Such moves will support gold. This will reduce the cost of holding gold in such an uncertain environment; gold will be an attractive investment option.
4.       SPDR reached 934 tonnes from 630 tonnes:-Due to the increasing demand of investors the world's largest gold fund SPDR Gold ETF holdings increased from 630 tons, 934 tons is reached. Investing in gold because the gold prices will continue to grow. The world's largest gold ETF SPDR fund.

5.       Pension funds buy gold:-According to the World Gold Council pension funds can invest in gold now. This can be seen in the gold boom. Before investing in bonds, mutual funds and pension funds so far used.

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