Monday 18 July 2016

News About Easylivetrade technical analysis software Gold Bond's fourth round yesterday, the issue price of Rs 3119 per gram fixed

Sensex up 84 points at 27920 and the Nifty up 23 points to open at 8564

Good signals from the international market rapidly with the introduction of the Indian share market have been. As per intraday trading software the Sensex index upped 84 points to 27920 and the 50-share NSE index Nifty chart up by 23 points to 8564 is open. In today's business and mid-cap banking stocks continued to up trend.

In currency market Rupee 9 paisa to open at 67.15 / $ level.

In currency market the intraday trading session of the week at 9 paisa to a rupee at 67.15 is open. While, the rupee on Friday down by 15 paisa to close at 67.06 took place.

Gold Bond's fourth round yesterday, the issue price of Rs 3119 per gram fixed

Gold Bond's fourth round of the sovereign government on July 22, July 18 will be open. In this time the bond will be issued on August 5. Bonds will be issued on August 5. Bond issue price has been fixed at 3119 per gram. The sale of these bonds, bank, post office and will be through the stock exchange.

The bonds issued by the government and the Reserve Bank of India is doing. One gram of gold and bonds will be issued according to the Multiple. The bonds will be for 8 years, the exit option after 5 years will. The minimum limit for investment in bonds is 1 gram to 500 grams worth any more than any year cannot invest in bonds. When these bonds at the expense of investment, the investors will receive interest of 2.75 per cent.

Gold Bond Scheme is 3 rounds and the time of the listing of the bonds will be the fourth round. Please tell the first phase in November 2682 gold per gram price of bonds issued on the second phase in January 2600 rupees per gram bonds were issued. Gold Bond in March 2916 under the third stage was issued per gram.


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