Wednesday 6 July 2016

Today Easy live trade News about Stock and currency markets are closed today on the occasion of Eid.

Stock and currency markets are closed today on the occasion of Eid

Eid Indian stock and currency markets will remain closed on Wednesday. Additionally, even in the commodity market will not trade today. Sensex and Nifty now open on Thursday. Although Tuesday's intraday trading session after 6 consecutive days of gains, the market was shut down. Sensex and Nifty have declined by 0.5 per cent today.

As per technical analysis charting software the BSE index Sensex down by 112 points, or nearly 0.5 percent, to close at 27167 levels. However, NSE index Nifty chart 35 points, or nearly 0.5 percent, close to the level of 8336 with weakness.

Auto, IT, banking, telecom, power, realty and oil & gas stocks see selling pressure on the market. Auto index Nifty IT index up 1.2 per cent and 0.4% was recorded. 0.9% in the telecom index BSE Power Index 0.7%, 0.6% and oil & gas indices realty index weakened by 0.5%. Bank Nifty chart closed at 18004, down 0.5%, but the PSU bank Nifty index gained 0.4 percent.

After 6 days of gains, silver down by Rs 1065.

After 6 consecutive days of gains on Tuesday, the silver price has down. Silver bullion market on Tuesday as per the silver live chart down by Rs 46,650 to Rs 1065 per kg occurred. Monday was the record growth in silver prices and moved to the top of the 28 months. Industrial demand has decreased due to weak global cues. Due to the fall in silver prices is recorded. Silver bullion traders said sentiment has changed. The down in demand in the Indian share market.

Indian share market as well as in the global market is a declining trend in silver prices. Singapore 3.9 per cent recorded in silver. After 3.9% to $ 19.53 an ounce, silver prices down. While gold prices down by 0.6% to $ 1342.91 an ounce, and it has come on.

 These reasons metals stocks boom in, gave the increase foreign brokerages target

As per easy-live-trade experts , Steel production increased 48% in the April-June quarter due to the rise in metal sector stock market have gained 20 per cent. China began economic reforms are being considered in the steel sector will continue to benefit. Therefore, the global metals sector foreign brokerages house is upgraded. So metal sector stocks is likely to accelerate.

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