Tuesday 16 August 2016

Technical Analysis Software For Easylivetrade as per Gold and Silver 41% of the returns delivered in 2016.

The Sensex rose 38 points to 28 190 and Nifty down 2 points at 8670 Open

American and Asian markets are getting dull signals the opening of the stock future market has been mixed.  As per the technical analysis software the Sensex index upped 38 points to open at 28,190 and the 50-share NSE Niftytechnical chart index down by 2 points to 8670 is open. Today's most growing Stocks Alok Industries, Jain Irrigation and Torrent Parma. All these stocks are higher by 5-7 per cent.

The rupee strong by 3 paisa to open at 66.85 / $ levels.

In currency market Tuesday's intraday trading session, the rupee strong by 3 paisa to 66.85 open. Whereas 5 paisa, or 0.06% Friday, the rupee closed at 66.88 levels.

Gold and Silver 41% of the returns delivered in 2016, after the stock market dropped.

Gold-Silver in commodity market 2016 in terms of returns to the equity market is left behind. Since January 2016, 41 per cent of the returns have been silver; the gold has returned 22.29 per cent. So far in 2016, the 30-share Sensex index has returned 7.79 percent. August 9, the Sensex touched a year high of 28 289. 30024 of the index of the all-time Level 4 March 2015 were touched. It is still 1872 points behind the index.

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