Thursday 15 September 2016

Intraday trading strategy for easy live trade in the Sensex 40 points and the Nifty gained 13 points

Sensex 40 points and the Nifty gained 13 points, in a narrow range market.

Despite the global slowdown, the Indian stockfuture market is rapidly getting started. As per the technical analysis software the Sensex upped by 40 points to open 28412 and NSE Nifty technical chart upped 13 points to open 8740 trades. NSE pharma and FMCG shopping is seeing. The IT sector has been selling trend. Pharma 0.53 percent, the highest speed in the indices, FMCG index 0.27 per cent to 0.28 per cent and financial services trades.

1 paisa higher Rupee 66.88 / $ at the open

Thursday's currency market trading session with a gain of 1 paisa a rupee at 66.88 is open. While, the Indian rupee against the US dollar in Wednesday's intraday trading session 3 paisa to close at 66.89 with weakness had happened.

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