Sunday 18 September 2016

Technical analysis charting software for easy live trade in the banking sector is buying.

The Sensex gained 7 points and the Nifty gained 2 points and the banking sector is buying.

The high trend in the global stock future market on the Indian share market is seeing clear. As per the technical analysis charting software the BSE benchmark index Sensex upped by 7 points to open at 28606 and the NSE benchmark index Nifty chart is trading at 8782 up by 2 points. Mixed trend is being seeing in the global intraday trading market. Federal Reserve meeting are before the US market closed lower. After the four-day holiday open China, Taiwan and Korea markets edge remains. NSE is seeing good buying in the banking sector. PSU Bank Index 0.84 per cent, 0.17 per cent, private banks and the Bank Nifty index was trading 0.21 per cent. While Indeks Pharma 0.25 per cent, 0.29 per cent and the metal sector is seeing a rise of 0.29 per cent. And pressure on the media sector is being seeing.

The rupee strong with 3 paisa to opened at $ 66.95 levels.

In Monday's currency market session, the rupee strong by 3 paisa to 66.95 open. While, the Indian rupee against the US dollar in Friday's session with a gain of 5 cents to close at 67.03 took place.

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