Sunday 29 May 2016

The Sensex up by 130 points, Nifty crosses 8200. Gold, silver prices down by Rs 800 and 1,300.

The Sensex up by 130 points, Nifty crosses 8200.
The first intraday trading session of the week in the US and Asian markets due to strong buy signals from the share market has reached the upper levels of the day trading. The 30-share BSE index Sensex up by 130 points to 26 795 and the 50-share NSE index Nifty up by 40 points to 8201 is reached.

Buying in banking and auto sector 
NSE except media and FMCG indices continued to rise in the sector index. Banking is up 0.50% to set  17602 and  Metal Index is up 2.5%  to set 2019.

Nifty 40 stocks up
Now Indian shares market in Nifty 40 stocks out of 50 buying is seeing. Technical analysis chart is seeing that Hindalco, Coal India, Tech Mahindra and Tata Motors stocks is higher by 9%. However, BHEL, ICICI Bank, Maruti is 3%.

Rupee 18 paisa with osteoporosis 67.21 / $ on the open 
In the first trading session of the week against the dollar, the Indian rupee weakened 18 paisa to 67.21 open. While, Indian Rupee 14 paisa against the dollar on Friday and closed at 67.03 with a gain.

Gold, silver prices down by Rs 800 and 1,300 respectively, the largest drop for 19 months.
The drop in the international market and the Commodity Market, gold, silver by Rs 800 to Rs 1300 is broken.Gold and silver, the largest weekly decline in 19 months.It is believed in June that the US central bank is the Federal Reserve may raise interest rates.Hence the pressure on gold and silver prices. 

Gold, silver Rs 800 to Rs 1300 were affordable
Last week, gold prices in the bullion market slipped a half month low of Rs 800 per ten grams to Rs 28850 per ten grams, has arrived.
Gold ended 01 November 2014, is the largest decline since the week.
However, the silver live price has fallen to Rs 1300. Silver fell to Rs 39,000 per kg has now.
This is the third consecutive week of decline in the domestic stock exchange.

Gold in the international market at 3-month low
Gold live prices in the international market have come down to 3-month low.
Gold prices fell to $ 1206 an ounce in New York said.
This is the lowest level since February 22 in gold.
In May, the price of gold to $ 90 is broken.
The 8 consecutive gold in the international market

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