Friday 27 May 2016

What will be the next week stock market direction?

The Sensex upped to 1,348 points in three days
In the past three days, the Sensex has climbed to 1,348 points. It is expected that the stock market continuing to fast forward. In the next three months, the benchmark index Sensex could touch the high level of 28200 and Nifty 8350. Experts have pointed out the good rains in June and expected interest rates on the main reason behind this rapid monsoon. Although the European Union could be a negative for the market outside of the UK and global markets, as well as with the decline in the domestic market also can be found on.

Where will the Sensex and Nifty
Technical analysis from 8 to 10 included in polls, has expressed the hope that rapid. Most believe that the level of Sensex 28200 and Nifty may hit 8350 in the next three months. Also, if the Nifty is crucial to support the 7900-7850 decline in the market.

Why will accelerate the market
Market experts say that this time is expected to be good rains in the monsoon intraday trading season. This will be a good crop and increased production. This will benefit the rural economy, as well as companies associated with the farmers. That is why in the coming time may show a rapid Sensex and Nifty. On June 7, the RBI is likely to decrease in the interest rates of 0.25% of the policy. Cheap loans will reduce the burden of debt on companies and would increase in profit.

These are the concerns for the market
The report said that the global brokerage house Goldman Sachs analyst, including the home, the City and the Bank of America Merrill Lynch is the most time in front of the current equity market. With this growing threat to the UK from outside the European Union. In addition, if there is an increase in Federal Reserve interest rates in June, the American central bank, it may lead to a decline in the pace of global equity markets.

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