Sunday 26 June 2016

Easylivetrade Intraday Trading with Technical Analysis software of Indian Share Market.

Sensex down 90 points to 26,314 and Nifty down 30 points to open at 8061.

The EU was in favour of independence from the UK referendum came after global stock market continued to fall on Monday. As per the technical analysis chart software the 30-share BSE index Sensex down 90 points to 26,314 and the 50-share NSE’s Nifty live chart down 30 points to 8061 is open.

These are signs of market

  • With the drop in global trade, including the US
  • FIIs have sold Rs 629 on Friday.
  • DII Friday procured Rs 115 crore in cash.

Gold become more expensive, can go up to Rs 35 thousand rupees

Brexit Referendum after gold prices continued to rally, but according to commodity chart software, gold live chart will continuously goes up. By the end of the year, gold prices could touch 33 thousand rupees per 10 grams. US elections, Geo Political tension and volatility in the currency market will continue to upped in gold. Brexit global environment which is good for gold. Gold may go up to Rs 33,500 by the end of 2016. Gold ounce in the international market could reach 1,475.

The rupee down 10 paisa to open 68.06 / $ level.

The EU was in favour of independence from Britain after the referendum on Monday said global currency market continues to decline. The rupee down 10 paisa to 68.06 a level is open.

On Friday, the rupee fell by 72 paise was

On Friday, the rupee against the dollar, down 72 paise, or 1% was recorded. It had closed at 67.96 levels. Whereas, in Thursday intraday trading session, rupee had closed at 67.24. The currency of the UK pound against the dollar dropped to a 30 year low. However, against the dollar, the yen was a firm.

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