Thursday 23 June 2016

Easylivetrade Technical analysis software, stock market and Brexit.

A sharp down in global crude, Sensex down 900 points.
Britain out of the European Union following the decision of global and Indian share market is seeing a sharp decline. According to technical analysis software, the BSE 30-share Sensex fell 941 points to 26 064 and the nifty live chart fell 300 points to 7977's. The UK currency has seen a marginal drop in the pound. Pounds in the past 31 years recorded the largest decline.

Why is the sharp fall in global markets?
       Now Britain European Union (EU) was not part of UK.
       The major impact on the global market is seeing. Asian market is seeing a massive down in.
       Japan's benchmark Nikkei index and Hong Kong's benchmark Hang Seng 1000 points, 1350 points is broken.
       Also crude biggest drop of 6%. The big jump in gold 6%.

Gold 2-year high at 7% fall in crude oil
Britain's European Union (EU) not part of the decision to stay is entered after the gold boom. Gold live prices, 2-year high after the decision has been reached.  Gold in global markets has hit the upper circuit. While crude has declined 7%.

2-year high on gold
Britain out of the European Union in the global market, Comax has gained 8% in gold. Gold live chart upped with 8%, reached at 1355 per ounce. However, silver live chart is also upped by 4 %.

Sharp fall in crude prices
After the judgment of Brexit, in the global market on Nymax, crude oil live chart has fallen by 7%. After a decline of 7%, price of crude has come to $ 46.81 per barrel. Brent crude fell by 5%, and it has come at 47.60 dollars a barrel.

Rupee 66 paisa to 67.91 a steep fall / $ level open

Brexit results before the last intraday trading day of the week against the dollar, the rupee fell by 66 paisa at 67.91 is open in currency market.  However, on Thursday against the dollar, the rupee had closed 24 paisa higher at 67.25. However, experts believe that if Brexit, money in day trading could also touched its life-time low 68.85.

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