Friday 1 July 2016

Live Indian Share Market News as Per Easylivetrade Technical Analysis Charting Software

The sensex up 64 points to open at 27064 and nifty up 25 points to open at 8313

US and Asian markets in the last Intradaytrading session of the week signals from the share market coincided with the opening of the light speed. As per Intraday trading charting software BSE 30-share Sensex, 64 points up 27064 and the 50-share NSE index Nifty live chart up 25 points to 8313 is open.

The rupee strong by 2 paisa to open at 67.50 / $ level.

In the currency market last trading session of the week, the rupee strong by 2 paisa at 67.50 is open. On Thursday, the rupee strong 16 paisa to close at 67.52 level.

6 months 23% upped silver, will continue fast

After Brexit in silver and gold live chart market is consistently fast. In January, the price of silver began to Rs 33335, which has now gone beyond Rs 43,000. In the Indian share market, silver prices also on the upper level have half years. Given the strong fundamentals and high industrial demand is believed that silver prices will continue to rise further.

Strong global cues Gold and silver prices today are seeing bullish

 Indian share market cues Gold and silver live prices today are seeing bullish. Gold live prices in the spot market today with a gain of Rs 30,350 to Rs 100 per ten gram reached. Buying and positive global cues in the Indian market of jewellers in gold and silver rose. Silver prices today rose for the third day. Silver by Rs 390 per kg, a level reached 43 thousand. Industrial and coin makers demand the trend rise in silver prices. In global markets, gold rose by 0.52 percent to $ 1,318 an ounce and silver by 2.93 per cent to $ 18.27 an ounce reached.

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