Sunday 3 July 2016

Today Easylivetrade News about Indian Share Market as per Technical Analysis Charting Software

The Sensex opened 169 points higher at 27,314 and Nifty opened 48 points higher open at 8377.

US and Asian markets on the back of strong signals from the opening of the Indian share market has been rapidly.  As per technical analysis software the sensex upped by 169 points to 27,314 and the   Nifty live chart upped by 48 points to 8377 is open.

Gold and silver continues to be strong, marginal down in copper, Crude up.

Both global and domestic means Indian commoditymarket prices of gold and silver are intact. Gold live prices in global markets has risen beyond $ 1,350 an ounce. While silver live prices also stand fast, and it has increased to $ 21 per ounce. 0.75 per cent to Rs 31,700 in the domestic market at MCX gold is trading. 0.7% up in the Indian share market is on MCX crude. With 0.7% to Rs 3,290 is reached. Although natural gas down 2% to Rs 195 has arrived. While gains in base metals is being recorded. Copper upped 0.5% to Rs 335 has been reached. The nickel also with a gain of 0.3% is trading at Rs 673. Lead is trading at Rs 125.2 to high 0.15%. Zinc upped 0.2% is traded at Rs 144.6. Commodity at NCDEX soya oil with a marginal gain of 0.15% to Rs 640 is reached. Cotton with a gain of 0.75 per cent on MCX Rs 20 460 is reached.

The rupee strong by 8 paisa to open at 67.23 / $.

In currency market the first intraday trading session of the week, the rupee strong by 8 paisa at 67.23 is open. As well as the equity share markets have seen a strong of the rupee. Friday came down to Rs 67.40 a dollar value. Last week's last intraday trading session, the rupee 21 paisa to close at 67.31 with a gain of 0.3 percent.

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