Monday 1 August 2016

Technical Analysis chart software Nifty crosses 8700, Gold may be touch Rs 32,400.

The market reached a new top of the year, Nifty crosses 8700

GST is expected to pass the Indian Share Market has reached a year high. After April 16, 2015 Nifty Chart surpassed the 8700 level. As per The Technical chart currently, the BSE 30-share index Sensex upped by 170 points at 28221 and NSE 50-share Nifty index upped by 60 points at 8705. Most businesses today are increasingly seeing in the midcap space.

The rupee strong by 22 paisa to open at 66.80 / $ level.

 Intraday trading session on the first day of the currency market week the rupee strong by 22 paisa at the level of 66.80 is open. While, the rupee on Friday gained marginally by 2 paisa to close at 67.02 took place.

Gold may be touch Rs 32,400

The decline in the dollar index, rising global gold prices and increased gold investment demand in the Indian commodity market has reached 29-month high. Rs 31 340 per ten gram in the bullion market, gold rose to the highest level since February 26, 2014. Most experts say the rise of gold in the international market, gold rose sharply, while the market is seeing constant discount. Gold prices in the international in the future market will increasingly depend on. In the commodity market in the short term, gold live chart could reach 32,400 per ten gram.

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