Tuesday 2 August 2016

Technical Analysis for intraday trading software Gold down below the 29-month high, and silver up.

Sensex up 66 points at 28069 and the Nifty up by 11 points to open at 8647.

Despite negative signals from the US and Asian markets, the Indian share market has coincided with the opening of the light speed. As per the technical analysissoftware the BSE 30-share Sensex index up 66 points to 28069 and the 50-share NSE index Nifty technical chart upped by 11 points to open at 8647.

Currency market rupee 4 paisa down to open at Rs 66.78 / $ level.

In Currency market Tuesday's session, the rupee opened at 4 paisa to 66.78 levels. However, on Monday, the rupee had closed 22 paisa down at 66.74. Earlier on Monday, the rupee strengthened by 22 paisa was with the business day in and also stayed strong. The rupee strong by 27 paisa to close at 66.74 levels. 2 months, which is the highest level of Rs. Foreign investment in the equity market is expected to grow from today's banks and exporters sold dollars. Last month, foreign investors had invested Rs 12,600 in the Indian equity market.

Gold down below the 29-month high, and silver up.

Weak cues from commodity markets and domestic market demand dip in gold prices downward trend is being seeing intraday trading. Delhi spot market, gold live chart down by Rs 320 to Rs 30,980 per ten grams, 99.9 carats and 99.5 carats reached 30 830 per ten grams. Gold in global markets, while also tumbled 0.19 per ounce reached in 1348. Gold in 2016 and 27 percent in July to 2.2 per cent. Decline in gold and silver prices did not look at. In the spot market, silver live chart up by Rs 320 to 47400 touched.

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