Friday 26 August 2016

Day Trading Software for Easy live trade as per Sensex opened 61 points and the Nifty gained 21 points

The Sensex opened 61 points and the Nifty gained 21 points

Recovery in Asian markets Friday, with gains in the domestic stock future market is open. As per the technical analysis chart software Sensex today gained 61 points and the Nifty 21 points are open. Sensex today gained 61 points and the Nifty is open with 21 points. Currently, the index increased 67 points at 27 903 and Nifty technical chart is trading 20 points higher at 8612. At the opening of the business has seeing growth in all stocks. Midcap Index and BSE Smallcap Index moved 0.35 per cent in early trading with a gain of 0.35 per cent, is intraday trading.

In Currency market 3 paisa increased rupee opened at 67.02

The last currency market trading day of the week, the rupee increased 3 paisa at 67.02 is open. Friday, the rupee opened at 67.05 against the 67.02. Thursday traded 5 paisa in the rupee closed at 67.05 is stronger. So far this year has lost 1.34 percent against the dollar.

Silver is coming fast, the effect will not raise interest rates

Monday's in the commodity market turnover of Rs 1000 even though silver has declined but in the long term bullish sentiment in silver has dominated. Bloomberg reports that silver mining in 2016 could fall by 5 per cent addition of silver industrial demand is holding up the silver will continue to rise. Federal Reserve to raise interest rates will not impact on silver prices. Bloomberg reported that silver is seen a sharp uptick in demand. The global economy and improving people's income growth is increasing the demand for silver. Rapidly changing technology and increasing demand for silver. In addition to traditional demand is nickel silver demand in new sectors. Silver Anti-bacterial benefits from the hospital to the paint industry are the metal's demand. Silver is also used in Smartphone’s. In countries like India and China in the next few years it would demand billions Smartphone.

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