Wednesday 24 August 2016

Technical Chart Software for Easy live trade as per Gold and Silver shine again, Gold up by Rs 150.

Sensex up 75 points at 28065 and the Nifty rose by 16 points to open at 8648.

Despite receiving negative signals from the US and Asian markets, the stock market has coincided with the opening of the light speed. As per intraday trading software the Sensex index upped 75 points to open at 28065 and Nifty index technical chart upped by 16 points to 8648 is open. Pharma and auto stocks on the NSE are seeing bullish.

In The Currency market rupee 9 paisa down with weakness of the 67.14 / $ at the open.
Wednesday's currency market trading session with the weakness of the rupee by 9 paisa at 67.14 is open. While, the Indian rupee against the US dollar in yesterday's session with a gain of 14 paisa to close at 67.05 took place.

Jewellers purchase of gold and silver shine again, Gold up by Rs 150

Commodity market Gold gained Rs 150. Rs 31,200 per ten grams, 99.9 carat gold and 99.5 grams per ten carat gold reached 31050. Yesterday the price of gold had declined by Rs 200. The global gold live chart rose 0.07 percent to $ 1,339 an ounce reached. In the last four days, declining silver prices curbed today. Today, silver rose by Rs 200 to Rs 45,400 in the commodity market reached a kg. Industrial units and coin makers demand due to the growth in silver. In the fall of Rs 775 yesterday, silver was recorded. 0.66 per cent in early trade in London while silver reached $ 19 an ounce. Delhi spot market, the price of silver coins in 1000 saw a rise of Rs. Shopping 100 silver coins sell for a price of 75 thousand and 76 thousand rupees spoken.

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