Tuesday 9 August 2016

Easylivetrade day trading strategies as per nifty up 16 points gold Rs. 30 and silver Rs. 50 down.

Sensex up 106 points at 28289 and the Nifty rose by 16 points to open at 8728.

US and Asian markets are getting negative signals from the light speed with the opening of the stock future market can be. After the watching technical analysis software the Sensex upped by 106 points at 28289 and Nifty technical chart upped by 16 points to 8728 is open. Tuesday's session in the downing in the international market is trading. Retail sales statistics and consumer companies in the US market before the results of the pressure light came on. Monday's session slightly down from record levels the S & P 500 index was down.

The Currency Market Rupee unchanged 66.84 / $ at the open.

Tuesday's in the currency market intraday trading session unchanged at 66.84 rupee / $ at the Open. While, the rupee on Monday closed at 66.84 with 7 paisa downing.

In The Commodity market weak global cues gold and silver down.

Global commodity markets are getting weak due to the down in silver and gold price is seeing. The drop in demand in the Indian commodity market and foreign market decline in the spot market gold and silver saw the sluggish position. Strong US jobs data for July showed pressure in gold.

Gold Rs. 30 and Silver Rs. 50 down.

Gold live chart down marginally by Rs. 30 to Rs 30,900 per 10 grams in 99.9 carat gold and 99.5 carats gold has reached 30,750 per ten grams. The 0.3 per cent decline in the global market, gold is trading at 1,331 dollars per ounce. Bullion traders said the decline in demand from jewellers and retailers pressure on the price of gold and silver is being seen. Saturday's trade in gold had declined by Rs 170 per ten grams. However, sovereign remained steady at 8 grams gold per 24,200. Gold and silver prices also declined in line. In the spot market, silver live chart fell by Rs 50 per kg rose to 46 250. However, no change occurred in the price of silver coins. Shopping 100 silver coins sell for a price of 75 thousand and 76 thousand rupees spoken.

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