Monday 8 August 2016

Easylivetrade intraday trading strategies as per rupee down 7 paisa, after the return of gold ETF Fund more than 25%.

Sensex up 103 points open at 28,182 and the Nifty up by 30 points to open at 8713

US and Asian markets on the back of strong signals are coming from the stock market is rapidly opening. As per technical analysis software the Sensex upped by 103 points at 28,182 and Niftytechnical chart upped by 30 points to open at 8713. Both major indices year's new upper level is reached. Half of all major benchmark indices surged to 2%. The Japanese market upped by over 300 points in the Nikkei is trading.

The Currency market rupee down 7 paisa to open at Rs 66.85 / $ level.

In the currency market first intraday trading session of the week, the rupee is open 7 paisa at 66.85. Whereas, on Friday upped by 14 paisa to a rupee had closed at 66.78 levels.

After the return of gold ETF Fund more than 25%, down in mutual funds.

 In the commodity market first six months of this year, a return of 25% in July, disappointing that gold ETF funds have performed. In July, all the big funds, 1% down in returns. Experts say the recent profit-taking in gold live prices is due to the negative returns of ETFs. However, in the international market in gold is steadily being put forward is expected to rise in gold. So this year, is expected to net gains in gold ETFs.

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