Thursday 4 August 2016

Technical analysis chart software as per nifty up 50 and sensex up 202 points, Gold and Silver up trend.

Sensex up 202 points at 27899 and the Nifty up by 50 points to open at 8599

When returned to the GST in the Rajya Sabha and International Stock Market buying is a strong opening of the Indian share market. As per technical analysis software BSE index Sensex upped by 202 points at 27899 and NSE 50-share Nifty technical chart up by 50 points to 8599 is open.

The rupee strong by 14 paisa to open at 66.85 / $ level.

In Currency market Thursday's intraday trading session, the rupee strengthened by 14 paisa at 66.85 is open. Whereas, on Wednesday, the rupee fell 26 paisa to close at 66.99 took place.

Gold and silver continues to be strong, silver reached 48000.

The retail demand for gold from jewellers today seeing strong buying. In the Indian commodity market, gold live chart rose by Rs 220 to Rs 31,250 per ten grams and 99.5 to 99.9 carat gold reached 31,100 per ten gram. Gold in global markets, while 0.11 per cent to $ 1,364 per ounce is traded. Gold and silver prices also witnessed rapid effect. In the commodity market, silver live chart gained Rs 470 per kg rose to 47 820. Traders said the rise in silver industrial demand. Rose 0.07 percent to $ 20.58 per ounce in Singapore, while silver was bid.

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